Other Insurances


Community Insurance


Our specialist insurance advisers are very experienced in Property Insurance and are available to advise the president, vice-president, administrators or even a concerned member of the community on the best policy for their community.

The Community Insurance packages that we offer provide very comprehensive coverage and will normally include Legal Defence and 24 hour Emergency Assistance Services.  In addition to the material damage cover on the Community Buildings we would also automatically include Liability cover to the Community as owner of the Buildings.

Our experience in Community Insurance allows us to provide the best advice on the levels of coverage that your Community requires and also what this really means to the individual member of the community.

Our insurance advisers are always available to assist the individual home owners on the amount and type of insurance coverage they need to protect themselves and their individual homes to include contents and complement the community insurance policy.


Pet Insurance


Love your Dog or Cat but not keen on expensive Vets Bills?  Well, its here at last!  The Pet Insurance Policy that we have been waiting for is now available at Right Way Insurance.  An Insurance Policy created for the Expatriate dog or cat owner here in Spain.  Now our four-legged family members can also have the Health Insurance cover that they need too.



We love our pets. They're funny, cute and cuddly, and always there for you, which is why we want to be there for them.  When it comes to protecting your four-legged family, you want to make the best choices and take care of them.


Getting a sick pet back on his paws can be draining, both emotionally and financially.  The Right Way Pet Insurance can at least help ease the financial burden caused by a sick or injured pet.


But this is more that just a Health Insurance Policy for your pet.  The Package provides other additional benefits and coverage that include;

Veterinary Assistance due to Accident

  • Veterinary Assistance due to Illness

  • Euthanasia Costs - 150€ on a First Loss Basis

  • Burial or Cremation Costs - 150€ on a First Loss Basis

  • Theft

  • Loss of Animal:

º Costs to Locate the Animal

º Kennel Costs until the Owner is Located

  • Kennel Costs due the Hospitalization of the Owner


The Insurance Policy also provides a 24 hour Telephone Service for Veterinary advice by telephone where you can obtain information regarding symptoms, veterinary treatments, health programs for your pet, advice on Administrative procedures involving public authorities and even Legal advice over the telephone on matters concerning your pet.


All in all, it’s a complete Insurance Package, but more importantly it provides you the peace of mind that the financial impact of those ever increasing Vets bills will be covered.


If you are an existing client of Right Way you will receive your Multi-policy discount when you take out a new Pet Insurance Policy.


Also, to celebrate the launch of this new product a limited period SPECIAL OFFER is available for all new Pet Insurance Policies that take effect before 31st March 2013 whereby you will receive a 25€ El Corte Ingles Gift Card as a thank you for contracting this new product.